A movement dedicated to fostering and enhancing cultural links between Australia, the UK and the wider international community. MELON is the vision-child of independent filmmaker and poetess Fiona McColl (Pangari Productions) and spoken word/rap artist Rajesh Bhardwaj - who both have a love for London and a deep pride in their Australian heritage. At the heart of MELON is the desire to enrich local communities by producing vibrant, multi-media events, tours, educational workshops and other activities that showcase the extraordinary, diverse, creative talents of the UK and Australia. The first venture for MELON is a London based innovative showcase for London based musicians, singers and poets, alongside screenings of Australia's top independent short films. The events also act as fundraisers to assist and nurture the careers and creative talent of our MELON artists, to develop other artistic ventures and projects and to raise money for causes that are close to our hearts, such as reconciliation in Australia.

To date the MELON venture has successfully benefited two of our most respected London multi-media artists and poets, Beyonder and Kat Francois, who were invited Down Under to collaborate on Pangariís cross-cultural, cross-lingual SALT WATER, FRESH WATER POETIC VOICES CD, recorded on location in outback Australia with the indigenous members of the community of Dhuruputjpi. The completed CD raised money for the community development of Dhuruputjpi, a remote Yolngu (aboriginal) homeland in North East Arnhem Land. To order your copy of the CD, email us at:

Keep your eyes on the website for more refreshing MELON morsels as we transverse the globe and cross-cross the Atlantic...